Sunday, May 22, 2011

Winner of Sure Cuts a Lot!

All I have to say to this winner is, 
Can I be jealous?
Funny thing is I totally am!!!
Anyway- the winner of 
Sure Cuts A Lot 3 is...

Tanya!!! from Sew Many Dreams

Email me at to claim your prize!
Also, as the winner you will need to display the logo
on your blog for 30 days.

Thanks everyone for all the support this past week!!!  I have had a complete
blast!  I just wish you could have all been winners- seriously, I felt guilty each
time I had to pick someone- thank goodness for - helped ease the
pain a bit! :)  Stay tuned for more fun this summer!

Winner of the Glitter Toes Set... apologies- this weekend ended up being crazy!!!

Without further ado, the winner is...

Kelly from Running with Glitter
(I swear that is completely coincidental!)
Shoot me an email @
and I will get them sent off!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

And the winner is (part 3)...

Sorry I'm a little late on this- I was enjoying my company and lunch too much! :)  
The winner of one of my creations is...
Diane L.!!!
Contact me @
I need your address and your choice!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Giveaway #5!

I have been waiting all week for this final giveaway!

Many of you know, I have a cricut, and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
The main reason why I LOVE my cricut, is thanks to my software

Sure Cuts A Lot is a computer software program that allows you to use
any font you can download (or that's already on your computer) on your cricut- or silhouette.
Seriously!  NO MORE CARTRIDGES!!!!
That also means any dingbats, or other images you can download (literally thousands! and they're free!)
- it is so fast and easy- I never use my cartridges anymore- I just plug my cricut into my computer
 with my printer cable and select "CUT" and walla!  I save a lot of vinyl and paper this way too.

Enough of my ramblings that you don't want to read anyway :)  For my final giveaway

Sure Cuts A Lot 3 software!!!  

(this is for the Silhouette SD, Pazzles,  E-Craft, Gazelle, Black Cat (Lynx or Cougar) or U.S. Cutter)
This version DOES NOT work with Cricuts

I am so excited about this, because I know how much I love mine- and I know you will love it too!

For those of you interested in the version that works with your cricut (sure cuts a lot 2) go HERE
There is a limited number left and once they are sold- they will be gone!  
So don't delay getting it- you won't regret it!

To Enter this contest, LEAVE A COMMENT and you must be a follower
the winner will need to display the logo on their blog for 30 days
(I am proud to display it- I LOVE it that much!!!!)
The winner will randomly be selected Sunday afternoon.  
Good luck to you all!

This is so generous of you!  Thanks for giving me and my blog this opportunity! is the leading authorized reseller of Sure Cuts A Lot software worldwide.

To learn more about and Sure Cuts A Lot

And the winner is (part 2)...

...for the Rhodes Bake and Serve Gift Basket...
contestant #15- Jessica aka "Jessabells"
Contact me asap to claim your prize! :)

And for the cookbook...
contestant #9- BETH!
Congratulations to you too!
Contact me asap to claim yours!

Don't forget you still have a chance to win something with my 2 other current giveaways and the one coming tomorrow!  you won't want to miss that!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Giveaway #4!

***You still have till tomorrow (Friday at noon) to enter the giveaway for one of 
my very own personal creations!  Go HERE to enter that giveaway***

One of my other really popular posts is my DIY Glitter Toes.

So for this giveaway, I am going to send the winner
A full set of glitter and some gel topcoat!
(I know I know, not as exciting as the others, but I had one fall through)

To enter you must leave a comment and be a follower
Winner will be selected Friday at noon!

And stay tuned for tomorrow's giveaway!  I've been saving the best for last!

Good luck!

Many of you have asked if there is an easy way to remove glitter toes- there is!!!
I actually discovered this by accident- I found if you soak in a hot bath for about 10 minutes- you can literally just peel them off!  There will still be a little residue left- but nothing you can't remove with just a little nail polish remover.  This is so much easier than trying to file and scrape them off!
Hope this helps!

And the winner is...

I'm totally imagining the sound of drum roll here! 
Comment #19!
Go ahead and count to see if it's you
Just kidding!

The winner of the Kitchen Aid vinyl is...
Lauren from Lauren and Eddie!
Contact me at by noon thurs to claim your prize!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Giveaway #3!

***You still have till tomorrow (Thursday at noon) to enter the giveaway for the 
Rhodes gift basket or cook book!  Go HERE to enter that giveaway***

Man I am having FUN!!!  Can't wait till noon when I get to announce my first winner!  
For this giveaway, I thought I would do one myself!
Seeing as how this is a CRAFT blog, I thought I would giveaway one of my creations! 
The winner of this giveaway, will get to choose one 
craft from the list below
I will either make it for you, or send you the unfinished product for
 you to finish- whichever you prefer!  

Here are the crafts you can choose from:

(click on the picture to see the entire post)

3 chunky wood flowers

St Patrick's "Luck"

Valentines Crafts

Christmas Joy or Jingle

A set of 3 of my "emergency room pumpkins"

The small plaque on the stand

or this boxwood wreath!

Good luck choosing one!  And good luck winning one!  
(you don't have to make your choice now)

Remember, to enter, LEAVE ME A COMMENT, and you must be a FOLLOWER!
Winner will be announced Friday at noon!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Giveaway #2!

***You still have till tomorrow (Wednesday at noon) to enter the giveaway for some Kitchen Aid bling!
Go HERE to enter that giveaway***

I didn't even have to go looking for the sponsor for this giveaway, they came to me!  When Stacie from Rhodes Bake & Serve Company contacted me, I couldn't believe it!
It all started with my post for this calzone made from Rhodes Frozen Bread Loafs:

Stacie saw this post and offered to giveaway a wonderful Rhodes Bake & Serve Gift Basket!
(she offered to mail it to me, but I told her I probably wouldn't give it away if I got it!!!)

The gift basket includes a Rhodes Cookbook, an oven mitt, and a couple other things (not exactly sure-but it will make for a great surprise!!!) 

This is a giveaway I wish I could enter myself! 

To enter you must leave a comment, and be a follower!  (upper left hand corner of blog)
Yes it is really that easy! 
The winner will be randomly selected Thursday May 19th at noon


Stacie is also offering another Rhodes cookbook for a second lucky winner!
(so see, your odds of winning just increased!)

And just to give you a teaser of some of the amazingly delicious recipes in here

These LEMON PULL-APARTS are to die for! 

Lemon Pull-Aparts

And who doesn't love doughnuts???

Rhodes Doughnuts

My family LOVES to make to make these mini grilled rolls- but we add pizza toppings
and grill them!  (thanks to Rachel my neighbor who gave me that idea!)  :)
So so yummy and so easy, the kids have a ball making their own!

Grilled Rolls

I could go on and on with pictures of all the yummy recipes!  I guarantee who ever wins 
either of these great prizes is absolutely going to love it!

Thanks again Stacie!  I am so grateful for your giveaway!

Good luck to you all!

P.S.  Did you know you can sign up for a weekly recipe email from Rhodes?  I just found out!
 Go HERE if you want to get in on the emailed recipes

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Giveaway #1!

I am SO exited about this giveaway!  When I first decided to do this months ago, this is the first idea that came to mind.  

The post that put my blog on the map (even if it's the smallest dot on that map!) is my Kitchen Aid Makeover post.

  I still get hundreds of hits on it weekly, and it's been fun to see how everyone is revamping their own machines now!  

And not to brag or anything, Shelley Smith from House of Smiths saw the post, and came up with her own inspiration!  Seriously???  The QUEEN of design got an idea from me???  I was star struck to say the least! 

So without further ado
Today's giveaway is Kitchen Aid vinyl from the beautiful and talented Shelly @ House of Smiths!

You can choose from 3 gorgeous designs!
(plus you get to choose your color!  go HERE to see colors)

The Curly Sue:
 (my personal favorite!)



To enter, LEAVE A COMMENT. You need to be a follower! (upper left hand corner of my blog)
Winner will be randomly selected and announce Wednesday at noon!

And I'm sure Shelley wouldn't mind if you followed her either! If you have never seen Shelley's blog, it's a must!  (although I can't imagine anyone out there who hasn't heard of her!) When you go to her blog, check out these amazing projects she has done!

Love her new photo wall!

Seriously, WHO has a pantry like this???!!!

I would do laundry more if my laundry room looked like this

I am so coping this for my laundry room!

you are the best!!!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

iT's TiMe tO...

It's finally time! A few weeks ago my blog turned one year old!!! But of course I am a procrastinator who never gets anything done on time  It has been a busy few weeks getting ready for craft night, trying to get some spring cleaning done, and starting my first ever square foot gardens.  Let's be honest, who wants to sit at a computer blogging when you can be sitting outside eating cafe rio and coke slurpees with the best neighbors EVER!  

Nothing wrong with trying to soak up every last bit of coveted sun after such a long, dreary, wet spring, right???   :)

Now that I am finally getting a flip flop tan line, I will sacrifice some time to PARTY!!!!

Starting MONDAY MAY 16th- I will have 6 days of GREAT giveaways- ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE!!!

Nothing makes me happier than FREE stuff!

Only Catch- you have to be a FOLLOWER to enter~ if you aren't- it's as easy as hitting a button :)


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