Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can't get enough!

Last night was our candlestick craft night. It was such a blast!!! Thank you everyone who came! (We assembled 28 candle sticks) I hope you all had as much fun as I did! So last night I couldn't go to sleep because I had had so much fun and couldn't wait till our next craft night, so here it is.

We will do these sometime in June (probably the first week or two) and I haven't figured out the cost for sure but I am thinking $10 (I am pretty confident it won't be more)
Disclaimer: These are not mine, I found them on etsy (I think) a while back and this morning I spent an hour trying to find the seller so I could give credit where credit is due, but couldn't find them at all. (I like to surf the internet and copy and paste ideas I like into a craft folder) So ours might look slightly different, but they will be pretty dang close.
If you want to do them, leave me a comment or call. Everyone is welcome!
I can't wait!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tale of the ugly chair

Ahhhhhhh!!!! I want to pull out my hair and bang my head on the wall a hundred times!!!! I was uploading all my recent pics onto my computer and accidently erased them all!!! Bye all Logan's first t-ball pics and bye all those pics for my next tutorial! Someone please cry with me! (It will make me feel better!)
So anyways, since I have lost all the pictures for the post I was going to do, I guess I will post an older project of mine.
This is to prove the power of spray paint (for those of you who are not converted yet!) This chair is one I picked up out of the gutter in Logan probably 8 years ago. And I'm ashamed to say it took me 6 years to get around to doing anything with it! First I just took off the seat, (easy, just unscrew the screws on the bottom). Second, I lightly sanded the whole chair just to rough it up a bit. Then I used cheap 99 cent black spray paint from Walmart! It only took two coats (about 1/2 a can) Here are the before pics- beauty huh?

After I spray painted the chair, I recovered the chair with 1/2 a yard of fabric, some cording, and a chunk of styrofoam from JoAnns. (I just stapled the fabric to the wood bottom)

I LOVE it!!! Seriously, spray paint is my best friend!

I am linking up to the CSI challenge- wish me luck!!!

Power of Spray Paint (yes it is the same desk!)

After I finished my chair, I decided I needed a desk to go with it. Last year I saved my birthday money and started searching KSL classifieds for a desk with "good bones" It took months and several dissapointments as I would find one, then go to get it only to find out the owner sold it to someone else! But eventually I found this one for $40 dollars, if I had seen it before I got it, I would have only paid 25 because she did a good job at hiding all the broken things in her photo. Oh-well, lesson learned.

I took it all apart (seriously like 15 pieces) and started sanding down the surface. Mind you it was a cheap paper veneer! Because of the paper veneer, I couldn't just spray paint it or the paper would bubble, so I had to buy automotive primer (spray) and prime the whole thing first. The reason why that works on veneer is because it is OIL BASED - key to redoing veneer. The oil base will not bubble the paper finish. Once everything had a good coat of primer I could spray paint it. And spray paint it I did. I think it took like 6 cans of primer and 6 cans of spray paint!

Oh, I also added all that trim to the cupboard doors. I used scraps of beadboard for the centers then just put some thin trim to trim out the edges.
I also added crown molding to the top of the desk. I then took apart the shelves, and used the excess pieces to remake the shelving to be a little more usable. Once all this was complete I bought a piece of wood beadboard, stained and glazed it, then added it to the back. Here is the finished product.
I have to say that there were many times I doubted this project would ever work! It took about 6 weeks to do it and it took up my entire garage! I think I am still cleaning up spray paint dust! Thanks to a wonderfully patient hubby who waited forever to park his car back in the garage!

Total Cost: About $100 ($40 for the desk, and $60 for the molding, beadboard, and all that paint!)

If only spray paint could transform me like that!!! :)

Linking up to the CSI challenge!
Wish me luck!
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