Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Making your own pumpkins

I forgot to add this part to the last post

K- for those of you doing these on your own...

Go to Home Depot and buy a 4x4 (it will be 8 feet long)
It will be enough for two pumpkin sets (so 6 pumpkins total)

If you don't have your own saw- then have the nice people at Home Depot 
cut the 4x4 at these lengths:
13 1/2"
15 1/2" 
18 1/2"
That will be exactly half a 4x4.  
Hope this helps!
Also- the stems are just tree branches cut 2-3" long

To see how to distress the wood (all those grooves) see the video in the
previous post.


Lisa said...

I adore your pumpkins, simply divine. How did you create the gouges in the wood?

Michele said...

Came across your cute pumpkins on Pinterest. I love them! I really want to make some of my own. I also wrote about them on my blog, I hope that's ok. Thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas!
Made By Meech

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

I finished them! Here is a link of my post:

I also linked back to you a couple times in the post. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lolly Jane said...

love this, maria. fab video too, i wouldn't have thought to chip away like that. i'm making some and sending them to a girl as part of a swap group i'm in. she LOVES pumpkins. thanks for the inspiration! (:

XOXO, kelli said...


More Sister Stuff said...

Goodness! I love these pumpkins! And I have loved looking at your blog! I can't wait to make the pumpkins, thanks for the great tutorial!

Rachel @

ASmith said...

I love your pumpkins, I am actually making some right now. Can I ask what you used for your "leaves"? I am also thinking I am going to make some Christmas ones, maybe Santa, Mrs. Claus, and two elfs or Reindeers :)

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