Sunday, August 21, 2011

Craft Kits

For those of you wanting kits mailed...

I need an email address to contact you! 

 I've had several of you say you want kits and want to know what to do next- but I have no way of contacting you.  Hopefully you will see this so you don't get forgotten :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fall Craft Night!!!

Today- September 1st is the absolute LAST DAY
to sing up!  Sorry!  I just have a ton of orders and
need to draw the line somewhere :)

If ordering:
It's about the only way I can keep track of all the orders- Thanks! :)

Wow- I feel like I need to dust off the cobwebs on my blog!  It's been awhile- but boy have I enjoyed my summer with my three kids :)  I am a mom first- and I don't want regrets later :)

September 14th (Wednesday) 6:00 pm- midnight
(but you don't have to stay till midnight- it's just how long we can stay)

Herriman City office Building
 (13011 S Pioneer Street, Herriman)

(the best part!) :)


These are tall!  The tallest is 19" and the smallest is about15"

Cost: $15


or w/o ribbon

Cost:  $10


Each letter is 12" tall and 7-8" wide

There will not be paper options this time! 
 If you want a different paper than what I did, you will need to bring your own
(if you do want your own- please please indicate that on your order!)

Cost: $15

Orders and money are due by Sept 1st
- but the earlier the better-
(these crafts have a lot of prep this time)

Everyone is welcome, I live in the south end of the Salt Lake County if you want to join us!

Email me at if you have questions

What your money pays for:  I do make a profit on these craft nights. This is what your money pays for (just in case you want to know) wood, blades (I go through a lot of these) sand paper (go through this like crazy too), scrapbook paper, mod podge, paint. paint brushes, table cloths, drop cloths, cups, wire, ribbons, ink pads, the rental for the room, and a few other misc things, and my TIME! :)

If you are interested in kits being mailed to you: 
PUMPKINS:   I can't mail the pumpkins, they are too large, but I can give you dimensions and
Home Depot will cut them for you, and I can mail you the stems, wire, ribbons, and sign.
AUTUMN:  Two choices here- you can get the wood yourself and I can mail vinyl,
or I can mail entire kit (but it only fits in the $10.95 flat rate)
BOO: This too only fits in the $10.95 box, but I do believe I can fit 2 per box- so if you find
a crafting buddy- you can split shipping.

I will not ship orders until I have received payment- sorry- learned that one the hard way :)

Email me if you have more questions!

Can't wait- I LOVE FALL DECOR!!!

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