Monday, July 26, 2010

PVC Pipe Bow and Arrows

I guess just the bow is made of PVC pipe- not the arrows! (those are dowels!)
Okay, so last summer I was down in St George, playing at a park with my kids. They found a pvcp pipe bow and I thought -"how easy is that!? I can make that!" So I have made a couple for friends and family for birthday and Christmas gifts, and this past week I made 10 for a family reunion. They were such a hit, the kids loved them! And now all the neighbor kids are having a ball playing with them.

They are super easy and pretty cheap to put together.

Supplies you will need:
*1/2" pvc pipe (at my lowes they cost $1.22 for 10 feet (enough for 2) or $2.40 for 20 feet (enough for 5)
*1/2" pvc pipe caps (the rounded ones) they cost about $ .25 each. (optional - I just like the finished look it gives)
*1/2" pipe insulator $ .99 for a 4 or 5 foot section
*nylon string (I don't remember the thickness, but I bought mine at Walmart for 2 or 3 dollars, and it will last for years!) I think it was like 500 yards or something.
*colored duct tape (about $3 a roll at Walmart- you can do about 10 with one roll)
*or spray paint
*electrical tape
*Dowels (I buy mine at Home Depot) they are about $ .80 each (you get two arrows out of each)

Okay, Here's how you make them:
1. Cut your pvc pipe to 42" (3 1/2 feet) I used my chop saw (aka miter saw) to do this, but if you are super nice you can get the guys at Lowes to do it for you.

2. Wrap your pipe with tape, or spray paint it (this step is optional, but I like a cute bow instead of a plain white one with black words printed on it! :)

3. (this is the hardest part) Stand in the middle of the pipe and grab one end upwards to slightly bend it into a "watermellon slice" shape! (sorry - that's the best way I could think to describe it!)

4. With a little hand saw or a scroll saw(what I used) cut a 1" slit on the end of the inside of the curved. Make sense? Just think of the finished product, and that will help you visualize. This is where your string will go.

5. Cut a 4 1/2" length of pipe insulation and center it on the pipe.

6. Use electrical tape (because you can stretch it) and tightly wrap it around the center to make and indent for the grips.

Repeat it centering the tape between the center tape and the edge. You should now have 3 ridges. The tighter you pull the tape, the better your ridge will be, I wrap mine about 2 times around.

7. Using the same electrical tape, start at one end and slowly wrap it around to the other end. Do not pull it tight as you do this - just wrap covering all the insulation.

8. Cut your string to 38". Tie a square knot on each end. (right over left, left over right) You want your finished string (the part between the knots) to measure 34" To secure your knots, you will either want to melt it a bit with a match, or put a dab of super glue on the know (I prefer super glue)
9. Slide the string into the slit so the knot ends up inside the tube. You will have to bend your bow to get the second knot in place. Once you have both knots in the slits, your bow should be nice and tight.

10. Put your end caps on to cover the slit and knot.

Your bow is now complete!

Now for the arrow.
1. Cut your dowels 22"- you should be able to get 2 with about 3 inches left over. I also spray painted mine bright camo so that we could find them in the woods

2. I used my scroll saw for this part, cut a little notch (about 1/4" long) in one end of dowel (this is where you put it on the string)

3. If you want to make them safer, add a small piece of foam, or nerf arrows to the ends of the dowels.

WARNING: These really work! The first time I made one, I tested it in my garage and put a dent in my garage door! These should NOT be used indoors! And instruct the kids to never point them at anyone, pets, or cars! So far my kids can't really launch them far, so we haven't had any problems. knock on wood! :)

Thanks Michelle!
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Thanks a ton Ashlee!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fall Craft Night

So, this time we really will have a craft night (the last one I couldn't do because I couldn't find a replacement blade for the saw I needed) I am thinking of doing it the last WED of August. I have to check with hubby's schedule before I can set the date for sure. Here is our project:

I know I know, it is still JULY - but Fall is just around the corner! I like to put up fall after Labor day, so if we do this at the end of August, then that will be perfect! The blocks are made from a 2x4 cut out staggered heights and routed.

Notice how one side of the pumpkin I painted a jack-o-lantern face for halloween, and the other side is blank for Sept. and Nov. This is one you can leave up through Thanksgiving! I love that! Here is a close up of the pumpkin - so cute!!!

Project Cost: $10 - remember, that will cover EVERYTHING! you don't need paint, or brushes, or anything - I will provide all of it. (the letters on the blocks are card stock, not vinyl - so I can keep the cost low)
I would like to have a pretty good idea of who will be doing this by August 15th so I can get all the wood cut and routed in time. Can't wait! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Follower Giveaway!

When I first started this blog I decided I would do a giveaway when I reached 50 followers. Well, while I was gone this past week, I reached 55!!! I know, it's not that many compared to all those other awesome blogs, but hey - I am completely honored by the 55 of you who thought I might be worth following! Hope I haven't dissapointed! :) So, here is the giveaway, two Lucky followers will win a pair of handmade anklets:

They are made from glass silver beads so they are super sparkly! These pictures do not do them justice.

One is a small flower design and the second is a twisted tube design.

Here's some even better news, spread the word, because for every 25 new followers I receive, I will throw in another pair! (so 75 I will give away 3 pair, 100 will be 4 pair! - I'd keep going, but let's be real here- I'm not that awesome! LOL)

These will be completely FREE - I won't charge shipping, or anything else!
Giveaway Guidlines:
1. You MUST leave a comment (that's how I will draw the winner(s).
2. You also MUST be a follower.
3. Just be happy to enter a giveaway! :)
I wish you all luck!!!
I will leave this open for 10 days, then will announce the winner on August 1. Good luck everyone!

Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make these.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog with Substance award

I received this most excellent award from Erin over at Making Memories...One fun thing after another. I am so thrilled and honored that she thought I deserved this award! Thanks so much Erin! (it's always nice to know someone likes you! :)

The rules...

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy and experience in 5 words or less. Mine is. "If I can. YOU can!"

3. Now chose 10 blogs who I (you) think are "blogs with substanc". Here's the cool part because I get to chose great blogs that I love and introduce them to you! Make sure you let them know you are sharing this with them!

Here are the 10 blogs who I think are totally worthy of this award (in no particular order)...
1. Just For Love
2. Multicultural Crafts
3. Sweetpea Photography
4. Home is Where my heart is
5. Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures
6. Thrifty and Chic
7. Craft-O-maniac
8. Me and My Bucket
9. House of Smiths
10. Generally Creative
Thanks a million Erin! Now go check out these fantastic blogs -You will come away with a ton of inspiration and you won't be disappointed!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wall Reveal

So that night that I did the topiary and plaque and holder- this was my motivator:
Blank not so pretty wall in my basement!

I had already hung the shelf brackets when I realized I needed a "before" photo :)

Ahhhhh! So much better! I hate blank walls! Anyone else with me?

I got the mini shelf wedges at JoAnnes for a killer $4! (for the set!)

One more look at my favorite new plaque (not vinyl!) Go HERE for tutorial

And that FREE topiary! HERE for tutorial

My 6 year old bought me the "J" for my birhtday (she knows my style!)

Total Cost: Shelves= $4, Frame= $1, Topiary= FREE, Plaque= FREE, grass= FREE (thanks Erin!), and "J"= FREE (gift), picture of Dog= .11 cents!
Total=$5.11 Not Bad!
Now go use up your craft scraps!

Thanks Jen! You are always so sweet to me!!!

Free Craft (wall redo part 2)

My husband travels alot and when he is gone I like to work late into the night crafting! So a few weeks ago he was gone and I had an itch to do something. I went out to my garage trying to get some inspiration. I came across this finial (I took it off an old swivel mirror I took apart years ago) That got my wheels turning, so I grabbed a small (8") piece of 1x1, and a chunk of 2x2.

I routed the 2x2 (for those of you that might not know what "routed" means) - you take a plain piece of wood, and run it through a tool called a router to give it a decorative edge like this:

I then drilled a couple of holes in the base so that my nails wouldn't split the wood, then nailed the base to the 1x1 post.

I drilled a hole in the center top of the post that was the same size as the screw on my finial. Somehow I deleted the picture of the finial on top. Oops. (you will see the finished holder at the end of the post)

Now for something to hang on my cute new holder:
I went online, and googled "printable wall quotes" or something to that effect, and there were hundreds of great designs! This one was perfect, simple, and about family. It was as easy as putting a piece of scrapbook paper in the printer and printing it! I then cut a scrap of wood to fit the paper, and of course routed the board as well.

I painted the wood with brown where I would be sanding (for a distressed look)
After the brown dried I gave it a coat of white paint, then sanded it till I got the look I wanted.

Put on a layer of modpodge and adhere the printed saying:

A little black ribbon is the perfect finishing touch

Like the professional way I attached the ribbon? (thumb tacks!)

Now you can see the finished holder (I spray painted it with OIL RUBBED BRONZE spray paint)

I attached the sign with just a little nail through the ribbon.
I LOVE my new sign! And best part it was FREE!!! (I love vinyl but seldom want to pay for it)

I am linking up to the CSI challenge- wish me luck!!!
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