Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wall Reveal

So that night that I did the topiary and plaque and holder- this was my motivator:
Blank not so pretty wall in my basement!

I had already hung the shelf brackets when I realized I needed a "before" photo :)

Ahhhhh! So much better! I hate blank walls! Anyone else with me?

I got the mini shelf wedges at JoAnnes for a killer $4! (for the set!)

One more look at my favorite new plaque (not vinyl!) Go HERE for tutorial

And that FREE topiary! HERE for tutorial

My 6 year old bought me the "J" for my birhtday (she knows my style!)

Total Cost: Shelves= $4, Frame= $1, Topiary= FREE, Plaque= FREE, grass= FREE (thanks Erin!), and "J"= FREE (gift), picture of Dog= .11 cents!
Total=$5.11 Not Bad!
Now go use up your craft scraps!

Thanks Jen! You are always so sweet to me!!!


Unknown said...

Totally my taste and styly! LOVE IT! plus I love the "J" ;) it all looks great. Jenn

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

me again~ You have been featured on my craft blog. Feel free to grab the I was featured button. ;) good night~ Jenn

Amanda @ Healthy House on the Block said...

Maria, I LOVE your wall! Do you just sit and stare at how adorable it is?!? It turned out fantastic - LOVE that "J" -- and I can't beleive you got it all for $5.11!! GREAT job! :)

Staci at Craftify It ! said...

Way to decorate inexpensively! And I LOVE everything about it! I linked back to your plaque tutorial & I love that. What a great idea to just print it off on scrapbook paper. genius!

Unknown said...

That wall is gorgeous and adds so much character to an empty space!


P.S. Check out my brand new blog!

Chelsea said...

I mention you in my blog. Check it out!

Unknown said...

Hi Maria!

Thank you so much for your award. My name is actually Laura, not Tiffany. I was reposting Tiffany's post (that's probably what confused you). Don't feel bad though! It's hard to keep track of everyone's names out in blog-land--I realize this! : )

Thank you again for your sweet compliments and awards. They blessed my day!

Lots of love to you,

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

love that wall!

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