Sunday, November 28, 2010

Craft Night List

Everyone who has signed up for a craft or two...PLEASE double check this list- many of you contacted me on here, on my FB page, texted me, or just told I want to make sure I have everyone and that I have your orders correct. Here goes

Calah Dibble JOY
JaNece Mendoza JOY and JINGLE
Kathy Alldredge JOY and JINGLE
Kami Johnson JOY and JINGLE
Kayla LaCaze JOY and JINGLE
Richel Olsen JOY and STOCKINGS
Traci Gossman JOY and JINGLE
Erin Winzeler JOY
Molly Horn JOY and JINGLE
Melinda Hagga JOY and STOCKINGS sign
Tiffany Bowling JOY and JINGLE
Windy Kener JOY and JINGLE and small STOCKINGS
Eunice (JaNece) 3 JOYS and 1 JINGLE
Sheri Jonhson JOY and JINGLE
Melissa Bateman JOY
Alisa Didenhover JOY and JINGLE
Olivia JOY and JINGLE (2 of each)
Emily Putnam JOY
Dara Lythgoe JOY and JINGLE
AnnMarie Wood JOY and JINGLE
Kasey Peterson 12 JOY and 6 JINGLE and STOCKINGS
Sara Furner JINGLE
Whitney JINGLE
Shantelle Zimmerman 3 JOY and 2 JINGLE
Caryn Reese 4 JOYS and 2 JINGLES

Also, We are doing these this WEDNESDAY the 1st at 7:00 pm in the gym at the church by In-N-Out. For those of you who can't make it that night, we will do a day one, maybe Thurs or Fri. Also, for those of you doing multiple, if you want to come by and get your stuff early, you could start getting it painted so you have plenty of time. Let me know if you plan on doing that so I can have your kit sanded for you. Can't wait!


Casey and Whitney MCkell said...

Hey Maria I am not there one jingle!!!

Kirsten said...


I just saw the request... guess it helps you get ahold of me if I actually leave an email LOL

Can you please sign me up for 2 'Joy' kits?

Thank you!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for getting me on the list. I won't make it Wed. night, but let me know if you do it Friday. If not let me know when and where you want me to come pick them up. We have our class Christmas party Thurs. That is a big list you are going to be busy!

Kristin said...

Thank you, thank you for organizing all of this. It was fun to craft with you :) You are amazing! So glad Olivia invited me to join you.

Karen Klein said...

Maria, I've enjoyed looking at all your great crafts! Would you mind telling me what the font is called that you used for the JOY letters? I love those and would like to use the font on some vinyl projects. My email is Thanks for sharing and keep inspiring us on!

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