Sunday, December 5, 2010

Extra Vinyl

So I learned that vinyl should be left to the professionals! :) While cutting the vinyl for the stockings were hung sings, I made a mistake and cut it too big. If anyone would like to buy the vinyl from me, I will sell it at cost = $9. You can still use it on a 4 foot sign like the ones we made, you will just have to leave out the word "all" and the "..." at the end. So it will read. "the stockings were hung" Plus I have extra stars that you can disperse around the lettering to make it extra festive. I have sold 2 already, so I have 5 left if anyone is interested. I don't think it would cost more than a dollar or two to mail either.


Damian, Heidi & Cambree said...

I am interested in at least 2 of them if you are willing to mail them?

Carla :) said...

Do you still have the vinyl words and stars available? if so please email at because I would love to snag one! They are super cute and I would love to order the stocking pattern as well!

Thanks ~ Carla :)

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