Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Cake

I made this cake two years ago for a relief society party. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the process, but it is pretty easy to explain. It is actually really easy - just a little time consuming - but way worth it!

What's a burger without fries? (and fry sauce!)

*3 cake mixes. 1 chocolate (burger) 1 yellow (bun) and 1 angle food cake (fries)
*Frosting (I used homemade)
*Fondant (for cheese and lettuce)
*Cool Whip
*Rice crispies (sesame seeds)

1. Bake yellow cake as directed in two 9 or 8" rounds (this will be your bun) Fill one pan more than the other (this will give you a nice mounded top for your bun top - and a thinner bun for the bottom. (I cut the rounded top off the bottom only)
2. Bake one 8 or 9" round for hamburger patty (use the same size pan as your buns) - if you want it extra thick bake two and stack together. I only used one.

3. Frost: Add yellow and red die to frosting until desired bun color - frost bottom bun.
4. Mix extra chocolate cake crumbs into your chocolate frosting so it is lumpy, this will give it the burger texture, and frost it on top of your bottom bun. Make sense?

5. Fondant time (this only takes a very small amount) mix in yellow die (and a tiny drop of red) to get the cheese color. Roll it very flat and cut into squares, then cut the squares in half crossways to make triangles.(you don't need a whole square because it wont show)
To make the lettuce die your fondant green and roll out randomly. I tore the edges and just kind of crinkled them till it looked like lettuce.
Put these on top of burger patty.

6. Put yellow and red frosting in tubes and squeeze around edges for mustard and ketchup.

7. Put on the top bun and frost, then add rice crispies for sesame seeds.

8. FRENCH FRIES: Mix the angel food cake according to directions. Add yellow food dye (just a little) you might need a drop of red. Bake it in a sheet pan (large cookie sheet with a 1" edge on it) I can't remember the bake time - but it is shorter than the time for a 9x13. Just watch it. When it is done, cut the cake into 1"x 4" rectangles. I did mine different lengths - like fries! :)
9. For the "ketchup" and "fry sauce" (for us utah and idaho folks)
Ketchup: put strawberries in a blender and puree them. Then add desired amount of sugar. I bought cheap bottles at walmart (dollar store has them also) and cut a larger opening.
Fry Sauce: coolwhip with yellow and red food dye (EASY!)
When you eat the fries put the strawberries and coolwhip on them - so yummy!!!
10. Sit back and enjoy the yummy cake and all the "ohhhs" and "ahhhs!" You will get them!

Thanks to BRIDGETTE and REBEKAH at All Thingz Related for picking this as one of their Favorites! I am honored!!!
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Mandy @ mintnclandycreate said...

Wow! That's a pretty tasty looking burger! Really impressive cakes!

Andrea said...

Great job on the cake! Very cute!!!

Pam said...

Oh! This is so fun! I'm bookmarking it to make at a later date; thanks for the inspiration. :) Following you now thru Motivate Me Monday. Pam @ Sallygoodin

★All Thingz Related★ said...

That looks good enough to eat! Teehehe! Thanks for joining us for Anything Related #12! ~Bridgette

Bethany said...

Great ideas! I love the way you not only played with color, but also texture.

Gretchen Seefried said...

How Stinking cute is this!!! I am your newest follower! LOVE this cake!!! Oh MY!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

That looks like the tasties burger I've ever seen! I'd love to eat 10 of those!

Show Me Mama said...

You have a great blog! I am your new follower. Come by and visit me at

Erin said...

Absolutely adorable!

JHill said...

Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

★All Thingz Related★ said...

We chose your "burger & fries" as one of Our Favorite Thingz from last week! You can see it in our sidebar!

Laura @ Just For Love said...

Get outta here, that is SOOOO cute!!! Just found you over at Whatever Goes Wednesday and I am so becoming a new follower. Awesome job on the cake. I want a bite!

Blessings to you, friend!
Love, Laura

Katie said...

This cake is AMAZING! Glad I found you on Sew Much Ado :)
-Katie from

sara said...

This is fabulous! I am going to do this for my son's next birthday... too bad he just had a birthday last week. I may need to come up with another excuse to make this just for fun :)

Tanya said...

Brilliant! I'm not sure who will love this more, my hubby or oldest son. Maybe they'll both get one for their birthday!

Jenny said...

You are just all kinds of clever here on this blog. Wow.

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