Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stay Tuned...

I have the next few evenings free to craft, and what am I doing? I am eating out of boredom and reading "Maze Runner" - good book so far. I AM IN A CRAFT SLUMP! It's not like I don't have ideas - I have hundreds of ideas that haunt me when I try to sleep - it's just that for some odd reason I don't want to!!! WHAT??? Did I really just say that??? I have NEVER felt this way! I think I just have been over stimulated by all you amazing crafters out there! (now I know how my babies feel when they have to spend all day looking at the idiotic faces I make and all that annoying cooing I do trying to get a smile! No wonder they get crabby!)
So, bare with me, hopefully I will get over it soon! So Goodnight! I think I am going to grab a bag a chocolate chips and read in the tub! (Hey I deserve it after the workout I did this morning!)


Amanda said...

I gave you an award on my blog!



ProcraftinatingPA said...

I totally understand! I've been feeling like I'm in a craft slump as well...nothing that a trip to Hobby Lobby wont fix!!! Hope you feel crafty soon!

Angela Cooling said...

I now follow you and by the way "AWESOME" blog... I will have to attempt a few of your projects!!!

Check out my blog... I am new to the blog world.

Lolly Jane said...

hi maria!

ya won a lil prize on our giveaway..come check it out!

email us your address so we can send it to you! lollyjane@gmail.com

:)kelli & kristi

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