Thursday, April 15, 2010

Valentines Creations

I know Valentines is long over with, but I am a procrastinator, so I am going to post it way early for next year!!!! Look how on top of it I am! :)
One of our favorite traditions is making glitter hearts to hang from the light over our table. The kids have a blast and my vacume cleaner looks like a fairy exploded in it! We draw designs on the hearts with Elmers glue, then dump glitter on. We then sandwich string between two hearts and hang them!

I saw some blocks similar to this at Roberts for 24.99 mine were FREE! (I used scrap 2x4's and cream paper, then mod podged the letters on the painted blocks!)

More wood blocks covered in scrapbook paper. We cut the letters out with a cricut.

This one I just put the red paper in the printer and printed the words right on! Then mod podge the paper to a chunk of painted wood!

These are a little more complicated. I cut the letters out of 1" wood with my scroll saw, painted the letters, then traced and glued paper on.

Cut out with scroll saw, painted then glittered with mod podge

My favorite this year! I saw tin ones like this at Roberts for a ridiculous price! So I bought a 2x6, cut them out with a band saw, (the bases are a 2x4) and used a dowel for the post. My sisters weren't around with their cricuts, so this time I just printed the letters on the computer and cut them out by hand (polka dots too) a little tedious, but way worth it!!! ($3.50 for all three!)

A wood board painted brown, pink letters cut with a cricut, then after we mod podged the letters on, we put more mod podge on top then dumped pink glitter on! (you can't tell it's glittered in the picture, but trust me it is oh, so cute!)

I printed "hugs & kisses" on the paper then just mod podged it on wood blocks - I'm telling you. SUPER EASY!


Caitlin said...

I love all these!!! I just came to your blog via someday crafts and the creative crate! I'm a new follower :-) I have those blocks on my to-do list!!! super cute!

Annie said...

I happened on your blog from Tea Rose Home and, while I adore the decorations you did, I fell in love with your clock! Is it painted directly on the wall?

Kulla Klan said...

These are such cute decorations ~ as are all the other crafts on your blog! Love them all:) Aimee said...
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